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Stellenbosch,  South Africa

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Waterford Wine Estate / Kevin Arnold
The Ord and Arnold families dreamed of a wine farm, where life is cherished, the seasons mark time and the fruit always reminds of blessings, abundance and the beauty of nature.
The perfect land was found in a place that stirred the hearts of each person who breathed its air, nestled in the Helderberg range, trickling streams of crystal water down to the then-imagined homestead.
The children saw it as a place of water, coolness in the heat, elixir of the vines. So the families bought the land in the autumn of 1998, built the dwellings and winery from the stone and timber it provided, and called the estate Waterford – a celebration of its succulence for each generation to come who will treasure this farm.
The realising of this dream was the birth of the Waterford Way, which is more than the farm and its wines. It’s a philosophy that honours prosperity, celebrates life, food and wine, and loves family and friends with passion.
When you meet Jeremy Ord (down-to-earth technology magnate) and Kevin Arnold (poetic, award-winning winemaker), you’ll understand this fully, as these warm, generous people are an inspiration. Every guest to the farm is made to feel a part of the Waterford Way, and those who have visited are drawn back often not only to the sumptuous wines, but to the heart and soul of Waterford.


Kevin Arnold
To Kevin, the barrel room is his church. While Waterford may be young, this passionate lover of wines is no newcomer to the art. Nine years at Delheim and 10 years at Rust en Vrede testify to the quality of wine that he has influenced.
Now he has lived a winemaker’s dream of choosing the land that will grow the vines of his own wines.
Stellenbosch is legendary for its yield of delicious wines, and the Helderberg terroir offers a delicate combination of latitude, soil, climate and weather, giving its wines their distinctive flavours and subtle nuances.
Only a masterful winemaker knows how to use the richness of the elements to produce wines that are truly original and become life-long favourites.
Kevin uses the minerals of these 120Ha of Helderberg Valley he chose to give character and verve to his unique wines, and judges around the world have applauded his talent, with enviable awards, especially to his reds, which are his personal delight.


Jeremy Ord
Jeremy is founder and CEO of the international technology group, Dimension Data. You may have read his views on investment, economic policy and the networking products and services his business excels in.
But few have the privilege of knowing the other side of this fun-loving, generous man who loves nothing more than a quiet early-morning stroll through his fragrant vineyards, or a home-cooked meal and a bottle (or three) of his own vintage with family and friends.
As a father, Jeremy feels a strong urge to build something that will be a legacy for his children and their children, and has been instrumental in ensuring that the stone of the land was used to create a homestead that is rich in the earthy character, solid foundations and noble beauty of the oldest farms in this area.
Jeremy is a man who values integrity, respect and the love of life that is the heart of the Waterford Way.

Waterford aims to create the icon red wine from the Stellenbosch region that draws on eight red varieties for its uniqueness, and aspires to be a leading South African wine producer.
We hope to be recognised for quality and consistency in the international market and are privileged to have received several awards already.
The varieties planted under the vineyard manager, Lombard Loubser, include Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Mouvedre, Barbera, Petit Verdot and Malbec. Future plantings will include Tempranillo and Grenache. Existing vineyards that are 12-14 years old include Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.
Each vintage of the Kevin Arnold wine is named after one of the children of the Ord and Arnold families. The 2002 vintage is dedicated to Michael Ian - the son of Jeremy and Leigh Ord.

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