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Clare Valley,  Australia

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Pikes Wines is a family owned and run business established in 1984. The Vineyard is planted on red/brown earth over red clay subsoil and slate.
The cool Polish Hill River is a genuine sub-region of the Clare Valley, ripening several weeks after most of the district, giving the wines that extra depth of flavour and cooler climate edge.
Varieties grown are Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Viognier, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Shiraz, Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio, Merlot and others. A total of 35,000 cases are produced with 30% exported to twelve countries.
The distinctive Pike Fish logo can be found on all Pikes Products.
Pikes pride themselves on making premium table wines that reflect variety, vintage and regional characteristics. Throughout their 17 years of winemaking they have strived to maintain this philosophy.
Pike & Joyce Wines - Lenswood, Adelaide Hills
Pike & Joyce is a new joint venture partnership, between Pikes Wines from the Clare Valley and Joyson Orchards from Lenswood. Together we have joined forces to produce and market a new range of premium wines under the label Pike & Joyce.
The vineyard is situated at Lenswood in the cool climate Adelaide Hills region. The area is ideally suited to the classic cool climate varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and of course Pinot Noir.


Englishman Henry Pike emigrated to South Australia in 1878 aboard the HMS Oakland. He settled in the small town of Oakbank in the Adelaide Hills and in 1886 established the family brewing business called H. Pike & Co. This name became well known throughout South Australia for its quality beer, soft drink and tonic ale, and the company used the English Pike fish on the label, which remains to this day -- a symbol of Pikes' long heritage.
The sale of H. Pike & Co. in 1972 did not end the family tradition. Henry Pike's great grandson Edgar was well established in the wine industry as a private vigneron and as a vineyard manager for a large proprietary wine company. His sons, Andrew and Neil, have both followed in their father's footsteps. Since graduating from Roseworthy Agricultural College both have become proficient in their separate fields within the wine industry -- Andrew in viticulture and management, and Neil in winemaking and marketing. Today Neil makes wines at the Polish Hill River Estate under the Pikes logo.
The Winery and vineyards are situated in the historic and picturesque Polish Hill River sub region on the eastern side of the Clare Valley. The climate in this area is considerably cooler and the soils are also quite unique to the rest of the region. These attributes impart distinctive flavours and aromas to the wines from the Polish Hill River area.

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Established: 1984
Ownership: 100% owned by Pike family
Hectares/Acres: 35 ha (90 acres) vineyard planted 1984-1998.
Majority planted on their own roots with a diverse range of clonally selected vines used. Also a small amount of Viognier planted on rootstock.
Climate: cold wet winters (650-mm rainfall) warm - hot dry summers. Mean January temperature 21.9°C. Most rain occurs between June - November. Frost risk is minimal.
Soils: red brown earth over clay with slate and broken bluestone sub-soil. Well drained.
Viticultural Aspects
Orientation: majority of vineyard faces to East-Southeast (away from hot afternoon sun).
Vineyard Specifications: 2-m vine spacing, 3-m row spacing set up for mechanical harvesting. Trellis is treated pine posts 1.8m high with single cordon wire at 1.0m with two movable foliage wires for vertical shoot positioning.
Irrigation Levels: entire vineyard fitted with drip irrigation system. Irrigate only when necessary i.e. to keep vines functioning at their optimum levels to produce quality grapes.
Pruning: hand spur pruning only, leaving an average of 40-50 buds/vine. Crop levels are on average 7.5T/ha (3 tonnes/acre.) Winemaking Aspects
Winery building: constructed of steel and local stone (also double insulated).

Equipment: have all modern winemaking equipment including Diemme tank press, crusher destemmer, must chilling facilities, Mono pumps, all temperature controlled 316 stainless steel storage and fermentation tanks.
Fruit handling: all fruit is lightly crushed and destemmed prior to pressing or fermentation. Minimal amounts of SO2 added in the vineyard to protect against oxidation in delicate white varieties. Chardonnay and reds no SO2 added prior to fermentation. Pectic enzymes added to white varieties ex press, juice/must acid adjusted where necessary. Inert gases carbon dioxide and nitrogen are used extensively to protect all our wines from oxidation.
Oenology: pure yeast cultures added for delicate whites produced as well as reds. 100% natural yeast fermentation in the Chardonnay and Viognier. MLF is inoculated in all reds and some Chardonnay and Viognier.
Oak usage: all red wines matured in oak 18-24 months prior to bottling. We predominately French oak barriques. We top our barrels once a month during most of the year. Chardonnay is racked only once (off lees) prior to bottling, while the reds may have up to three rackings.
Finishing the wines: all whites are cold and heat stabilised prior to bottling. If fining is required skim milk is our preferred agent. Membrane filtration is carried out at the bottling stage. Reds are fined with fresh egg whites or gelatine if necessary and minimum filtration only if required.

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