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Mendoza,  Argentina

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In the summer of 1880, Mr Pascual Toso left his birthplace in Canal D’ Alba Piamonte, Italy, and emigrated to Argentina. At that time he probably didn’t imagine that he would become the founder of a winery, which today, is one the oldest and most prestigious wineries in Argentina, known by the constant and unquestionable quality of its products and by its exemplary commercial trajectory during more than one hundred years.
As soon as Pascual Toso arrived in Argentina, he settled in Mendoza and started working in an import business. Very soon, however, he came to appreciate the exceptional quality of the grapes in the region and firmly believed that there was a promising future for winemaking in Mendoza. As he had been involved closely with the development of his family wine business in Piamonte, he decided to do the same in Mendoza. In 1890, Pascual Toso established his first winery in San José, Guaymallén.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, our founder decided to expand the business and acquired vineyards in Maipú, which he correctly believed contained the best quality grapes in the region. At his estate "Las Barrancas", he built another winery. Today, the Maipú area is considered by technicians to be the prime wine-producing area not only in the region of Mendoza, but through out Argentina.


Toso was bought by J Llorente and Associates, a company which has a tradition of excellence and quality since 1909. Thus it is guaranteed that the same philosophy in function of quality will continue. Pascual Toso started this commitment from the very beginning. All our fine wines are produced at "Las Barrancas" and, the most selected ones, are made from grapes from our own vineyards. "Las Barrancas" is exclusively dedicated to the production and growing of fine grapevines, which with the ideal soil and climatic conditions of the area, produce juices of exceptional quality. Additionally, grapes from the neighbouring estates are also bought.


However, the harvesting of these grapes is always supervised by our winemakers, who are thus able to control the quality and ensure that these grapes are as good as those from "Las Barrancas" estate. "Las Barrancas" has all the latest, state-of-the-art technology for modern day winemaking. Its automatic machines made entirely of stainless steel, like its equipment and refrigeration system, and its casks are in accord with the best technology. Modern technology and old traditions happily combine in the ageing of the wine in small oak barrels in our dimly lit cellars. The original winery in San José has now been completely transformed. It is now the place where the wine is stored, with the addition of a modern plant where the entire production is bottled. Toso is also involved in producing sparkling wine (by method champegnoise) and is one of a handful of wineries in Mendoza, which still continue with this process. The Toso brand is one of the leading sparkling wines sold in Argentina and is beginning to be sold in other countries.

Production capacity
There are two wineries at Pascual Toso - "Las Barrancas" and San José. The winery at Las Barrancas has a total production capacity of six million litres per annum. It has up-to-date machines from France, as for example the three Delta grinders, the three Bucher winepresses and stainless steel storage tanks. The other winery at San José, has a capacity of four million litres per annum. The bottling line, which is mainly Italian machinery, bottles approximately 10.000 bottles per hour. Sparkling wine is also stored and bottled at San José. 120.000 bottles of "methode champegnoise" sparkling wine is produced in one year, and 10.000.000 bottles are produced by the Charmant Method.

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