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San Antonio,  Chile

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The Matetic winery was started in 1999 by the Matetic family in one of Chile’s fast growing wine regions. The geography of Chile results in some very good wine producing areas, many of which are strongly influenced by the cold Pacific Ocean. Chile has a rich history with the vine which goes back to the Spanish missionaries who settled the land and made wine from the mission grape. The geography of Chile is very unique, giving Chile most of the climate zones from a hot, dry dessert in the north, to a frozen inhospitable environment in the south. These, together with the Andes in the east and the Pacific in the west provide natural barriers to pests and in between there are plenty of good agricultural areas. Producers like Matetic have been pioneering the new wave of Chilean wines with Pinot Noir and modern styles in their red blends.

Matetic is situated in the San Antonio Valley, which is about 120 km west of the capital Santiago, and the vineyards vary from 8 km to 17 km from the ocean. They are geographically close to the Casablanca Valley, which is another one of Chile’s rising stars in terms of wine growing regions. The proximity to the ocean result in a climate suitable for growing whites and Pinot Noir, but also fuller bodied reds like Syrah and Malbec. The ocean provides a cooling influence and the location gives plenty of sunlight hours and good day to night temperature fluctuations.

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