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Coal River Valley, Tasmania,  Australia

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Maison L’Envoye, or The House of the Messenger started as a winery in 2011 when former movie producer Mark Tarlov founded the winery based on making Pinot Noir with a strong regional identity. The natural place to start was Burgundy because of their long history and experience with the grape. Since the beginning the focus has been on finding vineyards that can produce the quality fruit desired, often from vineyards that are nearby to famous vineyards, but these vineyards themselves have never been in the limelight.

Three regions and one grape gives Maison L’Envoye a lot of focus, and in the southern hemisphere the chosen region is in the island state of Tasmania. A single mature vineyard near Launceston, in the north part of Tasmania, was chosen to expand the Maison L’Envoye portfolio to Australia. The wines all speak of the regions from which they come, so there are differences but they all have a nervous tension which can be present in Pinot Noir and is a style that many people find attractive.

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