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Western Cape,  South Africa

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The Indaba brand was founded in the early 1990’s in conjunction with the newly democratic South Africa by long time US wine importer Cape Classics. The first bottling of Indaba wines was in 1996, making this over delivering, value oriented brand over 20 years old. The word Indaba is Zulu for “meeting of the minds” or a traditional gathering of tribal leaders to resolve issues. Tribal chiefs in South Africa would call their people together to discuss any issues which would affect the village or surrounding area, and an Indaba would be held to discuss these issues.

The formation of this brand was well timed, with South Africa becoming a democracy in 1994, and the following wine revolution which brought South African wines up to world standards. The spirit of this brand, of being able to discuss issues and come up with new ideas, was helped greatly by the establishment of a scholarship fund to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds in South Africa. The focus is on early childhood education in the South African wine lands so that the children of farmworkers can be better educated and have a better future than their parents.

The Indaba brand and the education fund have both evolved since the brand was established over 20 years ago. One of the early recipients of the scholarship for wine education was Mzokhona Mvemve from KwaZulu-Natal. He ended up completing a winemaking degree at Stellenbosch University and has been a part of one of the Cape’s most awarded wines, the Mvemve Raats de Compostella, a Bordeaux blend made in conjunction with Bruwer Raats. Success stories like that are rare but made possible by the Indaba brand. Bruwer Raats has also served as the winemaker since 2010. Wines are sourced from vineyards across the Cape winelands, there is a strong focus on quality and varietal correctness.

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