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Maule Valley,  Chile

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Chilean wine has been traditionally dominated by a few large producers. There were grand estates with big impressive buildings and the occasional polo match. In many ways, a small group of large wineries with long histories dating back to colonial times had developed. Some of these producers still make some of Chile’s finest wines. They also make a lot of value wine destined for supermarket shelves. As it turns out, the requirements to make fantastic wine do not include architectural masterpiece buildings or a family name that goes back to colonial times.

Garage Wine Co began as a hobby, with the goal of making wines for personal consumption and for friends and family. Everything was done by hand, which was very physical work, and was done on weekends while a day job continued to provide family income. Over a few years, wines became better and the hobby was occupying more and more of the family finances. Word of mouth created a demand from strangers, and eventually restaurants began to carry the wines produced in a garage. Soon, it became apparent that there were other people doing the same thing. These were people with day jobs, and automobiles that slept outside on the street. Several of these individuals recognized the benefit of banding together for the common good.

Today Garage Wine Co. produces wine in a real cellar which dates back to 1840. Things are done as naturally as possible, which means that only natural yeasts are used for fermentation and only used barrels are used for aging wines, and wines are bottled in recycled bottles. Garage Wine Co is definitely not a corporate winery with a luxurious tasting room and big winery building. Instead it is a business built upon relationships with customers who enjoy the wines and farmers who grow the grapes.

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