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Fleur du Cap

 South Africa

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Fleur du Cap is one of the better known names in the South African wine industry, having made wines since the 1960s and becoming something of a household name. The name Fleur du Cap pays homage to the Cape floral kingdom, and the wines are made at the Bergkelder (Afrikaans for “Cellar in the Mountain”) in Stellenbosch. The Bergkelder was the first of its kind cellar built into the side of a mountain, this mountain being the Papegaaiberg, named for the clay parrots (papegaai is Afrikaans for parrot) that were shot here in honor of Governor Simon van der Stel’s birthday.

Today Fleur du Cap is a brand owned by Distell, which formed in 2000 after a merger between Stellenbosch Farmers Winery (SFW) and Distillers Corporation. SFW was formed in 1925 by an American medical doctor, William Charles Winshaw, and Distillers Corporation was founded by South African business legend Dr Anton Rupert. Distell is the largest wine and spirits company in South Africa, owning fine wines, supermarket wines, brandy, sherry, and everyone’s favorite South African liqueur, Amarula. These include some of South Africa’s favorite drink names such as Chateau Libertas, Plaisir de Merle, Kupferberger Auslese, Pongracz, and of course Fleur du Cap.

Starting in the late 1990s Fleur du Cap started their unfiltered range, which raised the quality significantly. The Noble Late Harvest is a dessert wine that has been rated as a 5 star wine by the Platter Guide, which is a very high accolade in South Africa. Fleur du Cap has the feeling of history combined with youthful innovation in the form of world class wines.

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