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Colchagua Valley,  Chile

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Estampa Winery honors the “Miracle of the Flying Estampa” which occurred in 1794 and the Catholic church which was built on the site. Don Manuel Gonzalez, a Spanish immigrant and forefather to the current Gonzalez family, purchased a wheat mill next to the church and named it Molino Estampa. The current generation of the Gonzalez family decided to keep the pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit of their forefather, and they founded a winery and named it Estampa to keep the tradition alive in the family.

Estampa winery, in the Colchagua Valley, is dedicated entirely to the making of blends. In this way they are making the statement that by blending two or more grapes together, a more superior wine is the result. The focus therefore should be on the region from which the wine comes and the end result, rather than focusing on which grape you are drinking. Colchagua Valley is situated between the Andes and the coastal ranges, and a few hours south of Santiago. There are four well defined seasons and the cooling ocean breezes make it over the coastal ranges during the summer to cool down the vines and extend the growing season.

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