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Wellington,  South Africa

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Doolhof’s history dates back to 1707 and grapes planted for wine and brandy production date back as early 1728 when Huguenot settlers planted vines on the property. Located on the outskirts of Wellington in the Bovlei valley, Doolhof is surrounded on three sides by mountains. This makes it both scenic and isolated, which brought with it challenges back when the Cape was being settled. Doolhof is an Afrikaans word which means labyrinth so named for the maze of hills and mountains which surround the property.

The farm has been the jewel of the Bovlei valley for three centuries and has had many owners. The farm has a long history which includes lots of fruit growing, cattle grazing, and also being an equestrian farm. The location did not allow for any exploration of the hinterland until the construction of Bainskloof Pass began in the 1840s.

The modern history of the farm began in 1993 with the decision to grow high quality wine grapes for wine production. In 2003 the farm changed hands once again and the Kerrison family purchased the farm and subsequently built a winery, tasting room and storage complex. In 2005 the farm was given Estate status. Today it is a modern and beautiful winery that caters to visitors with a beautiful setting, modern winery, historic buildings, and a luxurious guesthouse.

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