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Mendoza,  Argentina

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Decero means “from scratch” which is where Thomas Schmidheiny started when he decided to start up a winery in Mendoza. His family grew grapes in Switzerland and he was inspired by Mendoza in the 1990’s in the same way his grandparents were inspired by Napa Valley in the 1970’s. Thomas had the desire to start from scratch rather than buy an existing property, and he found an undeveloped piece of land in the Agrelo district to make his dream become a reality. The Agrelo area has produced some of Mendoza’s finest reds, and at 3,500 feet about sea level, this new vineyard was the highest in Agrelo.

Starting from scratch meant having a vision and planning it out all the way, including intensive soil studies and planning the orientation of the vine rows to make the most of the exposure. One interesting character of the vineyard is the small whirlwinds which make their way through the vineyard in late summer. The vineyard is named Remolinos after these whirlwinds which help to cool down the vines and maintain vine health.

Decero follows the philosophy of doing everything by hand or “amino.” This approach is followed every step of the way and helps to create wines of character that express the vineyard from which they come.

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