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Mendoza,  Argentina

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Owner and viticulturist Pedro Marchevsky may be one of the most educated, experienced viticulturists in Argentina (if not the world). He has degrees in Agriculture & Enology and Agricultural Engineering, and is a Professor of Irrigation and Drainage at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. He has managed premium vineyards for almost 30 years and also owns his own vineyard in the district of Los Campamentos in Eastern Mendoza. He is at the forefront of the transformation of Mendoza into a region of world-class vineyards. His philosophy is a simple one gained from experience: make wines that are true to their place. He feels his wines should express the wonderful, powerful fruit flavors, the ripe tannins, the incredible length and balance that can only come from this one place—Mendoza.


The name BenMarco means "son of Marcos" in Hebrew. Pedro produces his wines as an homage to his father, Marcos who taught him how to plant, tend, and love the vineyards. He currently makes two wines, the V.M.S., which is short for "Vineyard Master Selection"—Pedro’s lifelong grower relationships give him the pick of the best old-vine grapes (including those from his own vineyard), and Malbec which is in the soul of all true Argentines The grapevine illustrated on the label is modeled after the wide-trellised vines that Pedro has planted on the borders of his vineyards (instead of unattractive fences). The BenMarco wines are crafted by his talented wife and winemaker Susana Balbo.

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