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Swartland,  South Africa

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Badenhorst Family Wines have found a home on the Kalmoesfontein farm in the Swartland. Owners and cousins, Adi and Hein Badenhorst now make natural wines in a traditional manner with grapes from the Swartland. The story of the region, and of how this particular winery came about is quite interesting. Adi and Hein grew up in Constantia, their grandfather was farm manager of the famous winery Groot Constantia. Groot Constantia is possibly the most famous winery in South Africa because of its history dating back to when Govenor Simon van der Stel started the farm back in the 1680’s. Grandfather Badenhorst was the farm manager for over 40 years, and so Adi and Hein both grew up surrounded by farming and by wine.


Adi completed viticultural studies and then did a few harvests in the Rhone Valley and New Zealand. After a few stints at other local wineries in South Africa, Adi landed the winemaker gig at famous Rustenberg. Grandfather Badenhorst would have been proud because the history of Rustenberg goes back as far as Groot Constantia, back to the 1680’s. After almost a decade at Rustenberg, Adi left Rustenberg and moved out to the Swartland where he has been a pioneer bringing Swartland onto the world stage.


The Swartland region is hot and dry but it really cools off at night, so there is a big temperature swing from day to night which works well for certain Rhone varieties. Swartland has had farming for centuries which focused on wheat, tobacco, and dairy farming. The winery Allesverloren dates back to 1704 but besides that there have been few wineries operating for a long period in that region. A lot of grape growing occurred, most of which was sold off to KWV for a long period. Over the past 15 years there has been a renewed interest in the Swartland with a younger generation of winemakers going there to make artisan wines away from any preconceived notions that may exist (as well as the expensive land prices that exist) in Stellenbosch.

In 2008 Adi and Hein purchased the dilapidated farm Kalmoesfontein and began restoring it. The farm included a cellar which had not been used in many decades, and some really nice unirrigated bush vines that date back to the 50’s and 60’s. Focus is on Chenin Blanc, Grenache and other Rhone varietals, as well as a few esoteric varietals.

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