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How to purchase wine online

Web pages are dynamically created based on what you want to see in this site. If you cannot register or login or get the "Session Expired" page, please delete your cookies, close your browser and try again. Sometimes one's cookies can get corrupted on one's hard drive.

Do NOT use the "Back" button on your browser:
Use the navigation buttons at the top of each page, the links at the bottom of the page, or else the form buttons or links displayed on the page to move around this web site. This will ensure you always get the latest information in your web pages. You can also click on the Wine of the Month or Special Offers to get around.

To see and purchase wines sold online, you can use either the Price Lists or the Search For Wine buttons on the navigation bar.

Click here to visit the price list & purchase wine

You can also click on the featured wine images or Special Offer graphics or hyperlinks to purchase those products.

Price Lists gives you the option of selecting a list of wines based on either the Wine Estate or the Varietal (e.g. Chardonnay, Merlot) of wine you wish to purchase. Search For Wine gives you the option of search for wine by any criteria or combination of criteria including the name, wine estate, varietal or price.

Once you have displayed a list of wine from either button, you can add that wine to your shopping cart by clicking on the Add to cart. Alternatively you can look at the detail and a picture of that wine by clicking on the name of the wine in the list displayed. From there you can either add that wine to your shopping cart or return to your previous page by clicking on the appropriate button.

Your shopping cart will be displayed as a mini cart in the left hand margin on most pages. You can click on the Details link at the bottom of the mini-cart to go to the full screen shopping cart where you can modify the contents of the shopping cart. When you have completed shopping click on the Checkout link to go to a form to enter your billing and shipping information. You will then be directed to a Secure server to enter your payment & credit card information.

You can click on any featured WINE  image to go directly to the detailed information about that wine. This can then be added to your shopping cart. You can also click on the Special Offers images (such as on the left hand side of this page) to go to the detail information of that special and also to add it to your shopping cart.

Please read the Your Security & Privacy is guaranteed to see how you are protected and your security is guaranteed when shopping online at the SA Wine Co.

Please read the Shipping Disclaimer for information on shipping wine.

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